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Topclass Driving School The Practical Driving Test

When you arrive at the test centre you should sit in the waiting room and try to relax. Your driving examiner will enter the room at the time of your test and call your name. You will then be asked to sign a residency declaration, you are also signing to confirm that your car is insured for the test (if using your own car check with your insurance company, some do not insure for driving tests!). All our driving Instructors cars are fully insured for driving test purposes. As you sign the declaration your examiner will check your documents (see our FAQ page for the documents you will need).

Once the paperwork is completed the driving examiner will ask you to show them to your car. If you wish someone to accompany you on your test (must be over 16) it is now up to you to ask the examiner, they cannot refuse. On the way to your car the driving examiner will stop you and will ask you to read a number plate at about 20.5 metres away. If you cannot read it the examiner will measure the exact distance and ask you to try again if you cannot read it at the 2nd attempt the examiner will abandon the test. Now they will ask you two questions about the maintenance of a car. (Show me Tell me) The 'show me tell me' questions require you to explain to the driving examiner where and how to check the tyres, brakes, fluid levels, lights, direction indicators, power steering and horn. You will be asked two questions, one 'show me' and one 'tell me' question. Our driving instructors will give you a handout with all the show me tell me questions and answers for you to learn. If you fail to answer these correctly you will receive a minor fault for each incorrect answer. When done the driving examiner will ask you to get in your car and make yourself comfortable while they write down details of the car. DO NOT start the engine. When the driving examiner joins you they will explain what the test will consist of and how they will give their directions and instructions to you.

Now the actual driving part of the test will begin. You will be directed around a predefined route of about 9-11 miles to last about 35-40 minutes. Do not worry if your test takes more or less time than this due to traffic conditions. During the test it is normal to be asked to stop and move off several times. You will also be asked to carry out one out of the four manoeuvres (parallel park, bay park, reverse around corner or turn in the road). If the test centre does not have a car park you will not get a bay park. One in three people will also get an emergency stop. From October 2010 a new 'independent driving' section is being introduced as part of the practical test. During this part of the test, you will need to follow signs to a particular location to see how well you drive without having any directions from your examiner this part of the test lasts about 10 minutes. Once back at the test centre the examiner will ask you to switch off your engine and inform you the test has finished. The best advice we can give for success is try and relax and enjoy the drive. Also remember if you did it with your instructor do it with the examiner, if you did not do it with your instructor definitely do not do it with the examiner.

Your examiner will then spend a few seconds completing their paperwork. You will then be given the result. To pass you will need to finish with less than 15 driver faults and no serious or dangerous faults. If successful your examiner will complete the pass certificate and ask if you would like your instructor present. They may point out one or two points to keep an eye on when driving on your own. If unsuccessful the examiner will give a Debrief and the points that let you down. They will also ask if you would like your driving instructor present. We would suggest you have your driving instructor present with you to do the Debrief as at the time it will probably make more sense to them than yourself.

If you have any further questions please feel free to give us a ring and we will help.

View the Official DSA practical test video below

Independent driving For further info Download PDF

go to the official site . You can also book your practical test on the same site.

View the Official DSA Independent Video below

View the Official Show me Tell me Video below or click this link Show me Tell me to view the Questions

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