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Topclass Driving School Pass Plus driving course

Pass Plus is a voluntary scheme that offers benefits to all. To the new driver the course offers cheaper insurance. To the insurer it offers less accidents, and to the general public safer roads.

The pass plus course consists of six modules (detailed below) and lasts for a minimum of six hours. The course can be carried out in your own vehicle (subject to insurance) or a driving school car. After completion of the course a 'Training Report Form' will be sent to the DSA. If the standard of driving was of an acceptable level, the DSA will send you a certificate (free of charge) to give to your insurance company to claim your discount. (Up to 30%)

Module 1 - Introduction & Town Driving

Part I - Introduction: A theory module explaining the different course modules and what is expected of the driver.

Part II - Town Driving: A practical module to improve the level of town driving.

Module 2 - All Weather Driving

This is intended to be a practical module to be integrated with another practical module. Otherwise it will be a theory session. In either case it will cover all types of adverse weather conditions. The effects they have on driving and the best way to overcome them.

Module 3 - Out of Town Driving and Rural Roads

A practical module taking in the possibility of higher speeds on out of town roads with the possibility of overtaking and the dangers both bring as well as other hazards. Country lanes will also be covered in depth.

Module 4 - Night Driving

A practical module carried out during the hours of darkness highlighting the many hidden dangers of night driving, particularly the correct use of lights and speed.

Module 5 - Dual Carriageways

A practical module on two or three lane dual carriageways, Covering various ways of getting on and off as well as safe driving at higher speeds and overtaking.

Module 6 -Motorway Driving

A practical module where ever feasible, this will cover the differences between motorways and dual carriageways. Other dangers of motorway driving will be highlighted as well as the benefits of motorways.

View the Official DSA Pass Plus video

Visit the DSA's Pass Plus site to find out how the pass plus course can help you further your Skill, Knowledge, And confidence on the road after passing your driving test.

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